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Salto de Jimenoa

A mere 20-minute drive from Jarabacoa town leads to this protected area and waterfall–also known as Salto de Jimenoa Dos. Set around a hydroelectric dam, walking the three suspended footbridges around this powerful waterfall and its pools can take a couple of hours because you will spend quite some time marveling at the mountain scenery […]

Salto de Baiguate

The perfect waterfall and jade pool await at Salto de Baiguate, tucked below a deep canyon yet easily reached via a series of wooden steps that lead directly to the water. Residents and their families flock to this waterfall area for an easy, refreshing swim during the day. The waterfall itself cascades down 25 meters […]

Pico duarte

The highest mountain peak in the Caribbean, rising at 3,087 meters (10,125 feet), Pico Duarte is tucked amid the two national parks of Armando Bermúdez and José del Carmen Ramírez, and is reachable in two or three-day excursions depending on the chosen route. The two-day Jarabacoa-Manabao-La Ciénaga-Compartición-Valle de Lilís-Pico Duarte route is the most popular […]

La confluencia

Head to this waterfront park, located a mere ten minutes from downtown Jarabacoa, where two of the area’s rivers–the Jimenoa and the Yaque del Norte–merge and create mini pools amid the rocks. The spa-like bubbling sections allow groups of friends or family to safely relax in a circle. Bring your picnic and cooler to enjoy […]

José del Carmen ramírez National Park

Just like its adjacent Armando Bermúdez National Park, yet less explored, this is one of the country’s first national parks and protected areas. Stretching across three provinces at 764 square kilometers (295 square miles), the park was named after a prominent Dominican general. Flora and fauna abound, from pine and broadleaf forests to cedar trees, […]

jarabacoa golf club

A pine grove lines the fairways of this golf course in the rolling hills of Jarabacoa. It is the only one of its kind in the Dominican Republic. It is part of the Quintas de Primavera residential development on the outskirts of Jarabacoa. Because of the many changes in elevation, it offers different challenges than […]

Horseback riding

Horseback riding is an intrinsic part of Jarabacoan mountain life. You’ll find numerous places to hop on horseback rides, from organized excursions, to riverside parks where horses graze and wait for their next rider. Ride your way to the area’s popular waterfalls, including Salto de Baiguate and Salto de Jimenoa, or alongside countryside paths and vegetable plantations, and […]

Armando Bermúdez National Park

Established in 1956, the Armando Bermúdez National Park stretches 767 square kilometers (296 square miles), and together with the neighboring José del Carmen Ramírez National Park, boasts the tallest peaks in the Caribbean region, including the mighty Pico Duarte, source of the Yaque del Norte river, as well as several more river sources. The two […]